During the day I work at PwC as Threat Intelligence analyst. During other times I usually spend time researching, analyzing and reversing malware. I analyse all flavors of malware, independent of operating system or language they are written in. Note that this is a personal blog.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter or via mail:

I usually reply within 24h. If you want to send me malware, provide a description if possible and for attaching samples, preferably use ZIP and please use the password: infected666
(or include the password into your mail)

Alternatively, upload the file on your website of choosing, and send me the download link.

If you want to send me an encrypted email, you can find my PGP key here or on Keybase.

You can also ask me any kind of questions on my blog, Twitter or email as indicated above. I speak and understand the following languages: Dutch, English, French, German. Feel free to contact me in your mother tongue, but English is preferred for all conversations.

Here are some of my most popular posts:

C99Shell not dead (PHP backdoors)
Notes on Linux/Xor.DDoS (Linux malware) 
Malware spreading via Steam chat (Windows malware, SteamStealer/keylogger/infostealer)

I share malware samples on KernelMode and IOCs are shared on AlienVault's OTX.

You can also find me on GitHub.

My LinkedIn profile and/or Curriculum Vitae are available upon request. Have a good day.